The IT Recruiter 3.0, A Psychologist?

Above all, it seems important to remember that the first job of the it recruitment companies is to hire and evolve talents within the company. Human, the recruiter of today and tomorrow will also have to be innovative, able to act differently from its competitors to fulfill its mission in the best conditions. His ability to appropriate digital tools while leading a collaborative management will be his main challenge. Indeed, today and in the future, it is the attraction for the employer brand that will be the level of action and no longer simply the job. Knowing how to tell the company, create a candidate experience and value the group will be the criteria differentiating future years for any recruiter.

In addition, the collection and qualification of the data will allow it to increase its pool of talent while optimizing existing resources.

More than just degrees in law or management for example, recruiter 3.0 will need to be agile, relevant and fine psychologist. His ability to question the right questions to the right candidate at the right time will be a great asset in his quest for five-legged sheep.

Accompanying and valuing talents to ensure their loyalty is also an essential parameter in the recruiter 3.0 function.

Finally, we must not hide the capture of recruited talents. Stimulating and maintaining the involvement of employees who position themselves as ambassadors of the company is just as essential as the actual recruitment. Word of mouth, social networks are all channels of communication of the company’s speech. The creation and feeding of a storytelling by the recruiter is therefore essential to facilitate the meeting and recruitment of the desired candidate.

First contact with the company for a candidate, the recruiter carries in him and delivers in a conscious manner or not the image of the company. Spokesman of the organization, the recruiter 3.0 must combine commercial fiber, commitment, listening, mastering the various recruitment tools including new technologies but above all humility. Indeed, it is his ability to conduct a fair, objective and fair approach that will positively or not sanction his behavior and therefore his ability to carry out his mission in the long term.