Digital At The Service Of The IT Recruiter

Long regarded as the 'poor relation' of the company, the HR department now plays a more than prominent role.

The advent of digital has indeed offered the function a new responsibility of weight: to promote the employer brand. This promotion of the company aims primarily to attract talent while developing the skills and therefore the performance of employees present in the company.

Right partner of the organization and whatever its structure and size, the HR function is now included and consulted when making strategic decisions.

. Recruiters today must position themselves as partners and therefore align with the vital line of the company. Expertise and global vision are the two legs of the recruiter 3.0.

More active than ever, recruiter 3.0 is continuously on the net, especially on networks to source and capture the best talent. More than big data, it is well-qualified data that he is always looking for.


To do this, the recruiter 3.0 must be immersed in the culture of HR marketing and not be discarded. In order to make talent want to join his company, sales and marketing skills must be an integral part of his pedigree. The recruiter version 3.0 must find the right candidates, seduce them to capture them but also prepare the next recruitments by actively communicating, ie by regularly sharing content. A good recruiter 3.0 is no longer simply a recruiter able to identify the right profiles but above all, and above all a recruiter able to attract rare talents. We are moving from a relatively passive approach to an active approach, a source of change for many organizations. One solution: